Mark Limbrick


Mark Limbrick

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Mark has an unwavering enthusiasm for architecture which showed itself early in a childhood compulsion to draw – anything, anywhere.

He co-founded Aros in 2001, and his specialist experience in commercial office design and fit-out put the practice on a firm footing. His subsequent collaboration with Simon was perhaps inevitable, given their 20 year friendship.

Mark’s methodical nature and irrepressible energy have been central to the smooth running of the business as well as key Aros projects over the last 12 years, and his work continues to provide contemporary and highly marketable solutions that meet the demands of both developers and tenants.

Mark Limbrick of Aros Architects has been the lead designer on a number of Central London office refurbishment projects that Apperly Estates have undertaken over the past five years. Mark’s attention to detail, rigorous design knowledge and execution are matchless. The result for us has always been office space that wins complements and, most importantly, attracts tenants rapidly. There is so much half-baked design work out there that it is refreshing and gratifying to work with Mark who goes the extra mile to deliver top-class, innovative and interesting design. Mark’s approach is completely allied to our philosophy of delivering good quality buildings that go on to produce high-ranking financial returns. Mark is earmarked for the design of our next project – a new office development sitting on the Elizabeth Line. We anticipate that Aros may get us planning consent before the line opens!

David Apperly, Apperly Estates